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Play favourite games and use favourite applications on PC
ARC Welder for Goolge Chrome allows you to install Android on any PC

ARC Welder – what is it?

ARC Welder is a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to run Android games directly in the browser without installing an emulator on your computer.

System requirements for the installation of ARC Welder

Make sure that you have Google Chrome version 40 or higher before installing.

Why you should download ARC Welder?

You can play Android games and run Android applications including:

  • Viber;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Tumblr;
  • Instagram.

What operating systems can ARC Welder run on?

ARC Welder can be downloaded and installed on any operating system that has Google Chrome, including:

  • Windows;
  • MacOs;
  • Linux;
  • Chrome OS.
Download ARC Welder for Google Chrome to install Android on PC

Advantages ARC Welder

The app is absolutely free.

Easy to use

This app makes easy to run Android on your computer.

The app is in active development.

Download ARC Welder for PC

How to install ARC Welder?

Installation on a PC is easy and will not cause you any problems.

How to install ARC Welder

ARC Welder installation troubleshooting

Now you can enjoy your favorite Android games and applications without effort.

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